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The Times Ahead
Basic Process
"The Best of Times"
The Worst of Times
Photos of Some Thermex Systems by H&K India
The Times Ahead
Thermex Installations by H&K India
SPS Starts Thermex 500 Production



Fortunately, the times ahead are very bright and steps are being taken to correct matters. The B.I.S. has taken the lead and it is now up to the steel industry, civil & structural designers, builders and contractors. The ball is entirely in their court. Other relevant information is listed below.

Few Pics of Thermex in India

25mm Thermex 500 Grade at Exit of Thermex Pipe

        An All-India association of Thermex Licensees is being formed to propagate knowledge about the use of Thermex 500 Grade (Fe 500 of IS 1786:1985), but with better ductility and elongation amongst all those involved in RCC civil construction.

        Information on the use of appropriate High Strength Deformed Bars in seismic zones is being dissipated through architects and structural engineers.

        On its part, H&K ensures that each Licensee is issued a THERMEX LICENCE, but only after the mill begins to produce Thermex 500 Grade bar on a regular basis. A copy of each such Licence issued is sent to HSE Germany.

        H&K has the power to revoke the Licence of Thermex Licensees in case it is found that the mill is producing and marketing bars that do not conform to Thermex standards.

        We have received information from our collaborator, HSE Germany, about the type of bars accepted for seismic zones by EU countries. This information is presented at each seminar.

THERMEX is a registered trademark of H&K Rolling Mill Engineers Pvt. Ltd. in India and is owned by HSE, Germany in other Countries